British & American English (Italian Version)

Complete the table below using the words in the lists provided:

British English:
aubergine; autumn; biscuit; boot; Casualty (Department); chemist; chips; cot; courgette; crisps; drawing pin; dustbin; envisage; estate agent; full stop; handbag; hen night; holiday; lift; lorry; nappy; note/banknote; off-licence; pavement; petrol; pushchair; queue; reverse the charges; rubber; stag night; toilet; torch; trousers; underground/tube; wardrobe

American English:
bachelor party; bachelorette party; bill; call collect; closet; cookie; crib; diaper; drugstore/pharmacy; eggplant; elevator; Emergency Room; envision; eraser; fall; flashlight; (French) fries; garbage can; gas/gasoline; line; liquor store; pants; period; purse; (potato) chips; realtor; restroom; sidewalk; stroller; subway; thumb tack; truck; trunk; vacation; zucchini


British & American English - Table for completion. photodocx