Collocations – Solution

  1. University fees are much higher in the UK than in Italy.
  2. I think the reason she always has a cough is because she’s such a heavy smoker.
  3. After the journey I fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake until 11.30 the following morning.
  4. We have encountered all kinds of difficulties during this project.
  5. The decision provoked a heated debate in parliament.
  6. Many people seem to prefer blissful ignorance to being told what is happening.
  7. He couldn’t go to the party because he had an upset stomach.
  8. We had a very close friendship when we were at school.
  9. Snow was falling and it was bitterly cold.
  10. The way the baby is crying is a sure sign she is hungry.
  11. The government has been using scare tactics to convince people not to vote for the opposition.
  12. They are a perfect couple: ideally suited.
  13. You won’t get a better job opportunity than this!
  14. The manufacturers offer a range of optional extras with this model.
  15. We will do our best to ensure that this does not unfavourably affect your stay in the hotel.