Phrasal Verbs – Crossword 2

Crossword skeleton phrasal verbs 2

1. We’ll have to put off the party till next week.
4. Will you back me up on this if the boss says no?
5. How much did the whole dinner come to?
8. It took me hours to hand out all the leaflets.
10. Have you managed to _______ out your accommodation yet?
11. The building will blow up if they don’t defuse the bomb in time.

1. Once we have authorisation, we can go ahead with the building work.
2. I’d like to try out the bike before I buy it.
3. I usually crash out for half an hour after lunch.
6. I need to take back those books to the library.
7. When she’s had a bad day, she tends to take it out on her husband.
9. Ok, children that’s enough: cut it out now!

Supplementary puzzle for English Grammar Crosswords


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