A. Match the questions to the answers:
1) What’s your hometown like?
2) What’s she like?
3) What does he look like?
4) How would you describe him?
5) What colour is it?
6) How do I look?
7) Is the new house nice?
8) Does anything strike you about this photo?

a) The man’s a complete idiot.
b) Rather thin and he has long brown hair.
c) It’s worth visiting for the architecture.
d) She’s a real pain in the neck!
e) The boys in the background seem to be fighting.
f) It’s small but very cosy.
g) You’re not looking your best.
h) Dark green.

B. Match the sentence beginnings to the endings:
1) There’s not a lot…
2) It’s a little too quiet…
3) She’s not a person you want to get…
4) I don’t know…
5) He looks…
6) It’s a sort of.…
7) He’s difficult…
8) How honest…
9) I wouldn’t want to…
10) It’s much nicer…
11) There are…

a) …live in it myself.
b) …do you want me to be?
c) …for my taste.
d) …no people in it.
e) …on the wrong side of.
f) …than the old one.
g) …to get on with.
h) … cream colour.
i) …to see or do.
j) …very like his brother.
k) …what he sees in her.

C. Complete the following sentences with appropriate verb forms from the list below:
1) This photo ________________ it was taken somewhere hot.
2) The girl on the left ________________ angry.
3) The man ________________ the guitar doesn’t seem very happy.
4) It’s not a place I’d ________________ anyone to live in.
5) My sister and I don’t ________________ at all.
6) They’ve ________________ the house very nicely.
7) I don’t know what he ________________ in her.
8) It’s hard to ________________ in this light.
9) He’s one of the most unpleasant people I’ve ever ________________ .
10) You look like you’ve just been ________________ through a hedge backwards.
11) Do you really want me to ________________ that question?

– answer     – done up     – dragged     – get on     – holding     – looks
– looks like     – met     – recommend    – sees     – tell

D. Write your own answers to the following questions:
1) What’s your hometown like?
2) What’s your girlfriend/boyfriend/sister/brother like?
3) What does your mother/father/best friend look like?
4) How would you describe your teacher?
5) Is your house nice?
6) What colour is the top you are wearing?

E. Which questions from Exercise A might elicit the following answers:
1) __________________________________________?
It needs a few things doing to it.
2) __________________________________________?
It’s a bit blurred.
3) __________________________________________?
It’s not the most exciting place in the world.
4) __________________________________________?
Typically Scandinavian: blond hair and blue eyes.
5) __________________________________________?
A million dollars.
6) __________________________________________?
She’s kind but a little bossy.
7) __________________________________________?
Reddish brown.
8) __________________________________________?
A nasty piece of work.

A wide range of possible answers to the questions in Exercise A, together with additional exercises for use in the classroom or with a study partner, can be found in 1000 Real Answers: English Phrasebook & Self-study Guide


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