Evil Dictations 1 – Solution

1) Illicit picnicking with rich village women is idyllic.
2) Batman’s pal has a passion for bandstands, acid jazz and a sad black madman.
3) When dead, French men tend to send well-fed Welsh friends less fresh bread.
4) Does Brother Gus love his funny Russian cousin just as much?
5) You’re sure Dawn talked to all four poor dwarfs in the law court?
6) Early Thursday Bert heard her girls curse the flirty Turks for burning their skirts.
7) John wants Don not to mock his long song “Tom’s Thong’s Gone Wrong”.
8) Don’t Mo and Flo know why Joe goes so slow in the snow though?
9) Their fair-haired parents rarely wear flares at prayers.
10) They thought they’d feel thirsty on their thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth birthdays.


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