Evil Dictations 2 (Homophones) – SOLUTION

1) So you sew while your brothers sow?

2) Which witch did the guerilla call a gorilla?

3) I hear it’s here, the scent I sent.

4) Would you go to the wood to bury the berry?

5) The two mussels have muscles too.

6) Do you know whether the weather made the heroine take the heroin?

7) It’s wrong to desert a dessert but you can’t eat your sweet in the suite.

8) I’d die if you blew blue dye in my eye.

9) Who’s been eating whose bean salad?

10) He threw it through the mist but missed the plane on the plain.

11) I’m bored with board games: let’s roam around Rome.

12) I knew the new patients had no patience.

13) The guest in the inn guessed the key was on the quay.

14) Check the cheque or you’ll get caught out in court.

15) You should write about the right rite and the whole hole.

16) You can see the sea, my son in the sun and my heir in the air.

17) They’re there by their rows of rose bushes.

18) I read the red mayor led the dead mare to steal steel and lead.

19) The maid made pea soup the colour of pee.

20) You’ll be weak for a week until you meet the meat.

21) It’s the tale of a hare with hair and no tail.

The various homophones in each sentence are highlighted in bold type.


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