Missing Words – Solution

1) When I was nine years old, my father bought me a fishing rod.
2) He wasn’t able to go to the concert because he was sick.
3) Don’t forget to turn off the gas before you go away.
4) A rescue team has been searching for the lost climbers for nearly two days now.
5) I haven’t been able to go out much during the last few weeks.
6) What kind of music do you listen to?
7) If you hadn’t been looking at that girl, you wouldn’t have crashed the car!
8) We have two small children and for this reason it is difficult for us to go out in the evenings.
9) He is working together with his cousin.
10) Roberto Baggio played fifty-six times for the Italian national team.
11) They resolved the problem by calling in an expert.
12) We have decided against moving house: it’s too much hassle.


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