Prepositions: Typical Mistakes – Solution

1) He invented a machine to decipher codes.
2) In my opinion, the banks themselves are responsible for this crisis
3) He thinks only about/of himself.
4) I received many presents from my grandfather.
5) We moved to/into this house in 2005.
6) I’m satisfied with my decision.
7) The film is inspired by a real historical character.
8) At the moment I am very happy.
9) It depends on/upon your point of view.
10) Now he is married to another woman.
11) Our first house was opposite the hospital.
12) She read about it in the newspaper.
13) The lessons were boring, not because of the subject itself but because of my teacher.
14) I took part in a lot of tournaments.
15) The project must be submitted by 30th April.
16) Ask to them to come.
17) This increase in temperature is probably due to global warming.
18) We have been together for a year.
19) There is a need for balance.
20) Welcome to Bari!
21) How much did you pay for the car?
22) What time did you arrive at home?
23) I’m leaving for Barcelona tomorrow.
24) When I was ten we returned to Taranto.
25) The aim is to improve relations between the four institutions.
26) For first, I think you should visit the Colosseum.

(From English Mistakes Italians Do Make:


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