Rhyme Games – Test Your Pronunciation (Solution)

1) a) height b) right c) weight d) white
2) a) law b) low c) door d) sure
3) a) screw b) through c) true d) though
4) a) thought b) short c) caught d) float
5) a) laughed b) craft c) staffed d) taught
6) a) board b) scored c) hard d) ward
7) a) climb b) limb c) rhyme d) time
8) a) player b) where c) prayer d) mayor
9) a) fourth b) worth c) earth d) birth
10) a) iron b) Byron c) ion d) lion
11) a) suit b) quit c) fruit d) flute
12) a) first b) worst c) cursed d) forced
13) a) cord b) third c) word d) heard
14) a) major b) wager c) lager d) pager
15) a) cough b) rough c) stuff d) enough
16) a) walk b) work c) cork d) fork
17) a) daughter b) water c) weather d) shorter
18) a) wear b) fear c) here d) beer
19) a) jazz b) has c) gas d) pizzazz
20) a) so b) sow c) sew d) saw
21) a) Thames b) flames c) games d) James
22) a) nut b) cut c) shut d) put
23) a) boot b) route c) suit d) foot
24) a) speak b) chic c) sick d) week
25) a) could b) mould c) should d) would


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