Vocabulary Crossword – “Set”

Screenshot Set

1. You might set it before lunch or dinner. (5)
5. People never send out wedding invitations before they have set one. (4)
7. You set your golf ball on one before hitting it. (3)
8. If you don’t set one, you might oversleep. (5)
10. Most computers and mobile phones set it automatically. (4)
11. Sets out reasons for. (8)
12. It sets in the evening. (3)
15. Usain Bolt has set a number of them. (7)
16. What you do when you set someone’s mind at rest. (8)

1. A set designer might work in or for such places. (8)
2. Parents should try to set a good one to their children. (7)
3. City where the film La Capa Gira is set. (4)
4. Set on doing something. (10)
6. A sport in which a match usually consists of 3 or 5 sets. (6)
9. The crime of deliberately setting fire to buildings or woods, for example. (5)
10. You might set one to catch a mouse or a rat. (4)
13. The set one is usually a cheaper alternative to eating à la carte. (4)
14. If you break one, you will probably need a doctor to reset it. (4)

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