Simple Past – Crossword 1

Simple Past 2

1. He composed the Pastoral Symphony (9).
4. It erupted and destroyed Mascali in 1928 (4).
6. Record company that was founded in Detroit in 1959 (6).
8. Number of circles there were in Dante’s Inferno (4).
10. 1995 film that starred Al Pacino and Robert De Niro (4).
11. She wrote Middlemarch and Mill on the Floss (5).

1. She played alongside Bogart in Casablanca (7).
2. Football team Wayne Rooney first played for.
3. Women in the UK didn’t get it until 1928 (4).
5. He partnered Costello (6).
7. Van Gogh painted a famous starry one (5).
9. Nickname by which President Eisenhower was known (3).

Grammar tasks
Underline the simple past verb form(s) in each of the above clues.
– Which of the verbs you have underlined are passive forms?
– Choose five of the verbs and write a sentence including each one.

Supplementary puzzle for English Grammar Crosswords


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