The Imitation Game (Part 1)

TIMER: 0.00.00 – 0.24.29

A. Match the words and expressions in heavy type to the definitions below:

  1. It wouldn’t take more than a thimbleful [of cyanide] to kill you.
  2. Your neighbour said there was quite a ruckus.
  3. What I could use right now is not a bobby but a really good cleaning lady.
  4. I’ll give you a quid if you can name me a more insufferable sod.
  5. If you didn’t want a pair of bobbies digging around in your personal affairs, that would have been a stellar way to make sure they don’t.
  6. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received.
  7. She didn’t tell you what a joke was either, I gather.
  8. How old were you when you became a fellow at Cambridge?
  9. Are you a bleeding pacifist?
  10. Mother says I can be off-putting
  11. The details of every surprise attack, every secret convoy, and every U-boat in the bloody Atlantic go into that thing…. And out comes gibberish.
  12. Our Wrens intercept thousands of radio messages a day.
  13. To decode a message, you need to know the machine’s settings. The Germans switch settings every day, promptly at midnight.
  14. Why would a maths professor have his military records classified?
  15. He has denied my requisition for parts and equipment.
  16. You are a very small cog in a very large system.
  17. If you remove the satisfaction, the act becomes hollow.

a) change                                               l) nonsense
b) damned                                             m) university teacher/researcher
c) fantastic                                            n) policeman
d) female members of Royal Navy      o) pound
e) formal promise                                 p) unbearable person
f) group of ships                                    q) understand, deduce
g) immediately, punctually                  r) unpleasant
h) investigating                                     s) very small quantity
i) made confidential                             t) wheel, component
j) meaningless                                       u) written request
k) noisy disturbance

B. Match the expressions to the situations in which you might hear or use them:

  1. Please hold.
  2. Seems to have been a burglary.
  3. It’s odd.
  4. Fresh off the press.
  5. However could I have guessed?
  6. I’ve barely made par.
  7. All right, I’ll bite.
  8. For the love of God!
  9. You haven’t got anywhere with it.
  10. I’m famished.
  11. Never mind.

a. Expressing the idea that something is of no importance.
b. Agreeing to a proposal.
c. Commenting on the strangeness of something.
d. Expressing exasperation.
e. Observing ironically that what has just been revealed was obvious.
f. Expressing an opinion about why a house has been broken into.
g. Observing that you are extremely hungry.
h. Pointing out that you have achieved nothing more than might have been expected.
i. Referring to a newspaper that has just been printed.
j. Observing that someone has made no progress.
k. When telephoning a public office.

C. Complete the following sentences with a suitable verb form from the list below:

  1. Are you ___________________ attention?
  2. It looks like a break-in. Window’s broken. Home’s been ___________________ .
  3. Do you get the impression we are ___________________ insulted?
  4. I don’t believe that you could find the chap who did this if he walked up to you and ___________________ in your face.
  5. I suggest you ___________________ your reports and leave me alone.
  6. This morning the British ambassador in Berlin ___________________ the German government a final note.
  7. Hitler wants to ___________________ Europe in tyranny.
  8. I believe you have just ___________________ the record for the shortest job interview in British military history.
  9. If the Allies broke Enigma, this would ___________________ into a very short war indeed.
  10. If you had ___________________ anywhere with it, you wouldn’t be ___________________  cryptographers out of university.
  11. You have about 18 hours every day to ___________________ the code.
  12. You know, to ___________________ off this irascible genius routine, one actually has to be a genius.
  13. Your fellow workers have ___________________ a formal complaint about you.
  14. If you have a problem with my decision, you can ___________________ it up with my commanding officer.

being                          got                            ransacked
crack                          handed                     set
engulf                        hiring                       take
file                             paying                      turn
filed                           pull                           spat