Verbs of Movement – Crossword

Verbs of Movement - Crossword

1. Run very quickly, as in a 100m race. (6)
5. Travel around with no specific aim or destination. (4)
6. Accelerates past another car, for example. (9)
8. Walks with difficulty because of a damaged leg. (5)
11. Comes out like toothpaste from its tube. (5)
12. Move quickly, perhaps because you are late. (5)

1. Walk in a leisurely way, perhaps along the seafront. (6)
2. Run, ride or drive competitively. (4)
3. You should do it carefully if walking on ice. (5)
4. Past tense of “come”. (4)
7. Slaloms (for example) down a snowy mountain slope. (4)
9. Move very, very slowly and carefully. (4)
10. Fly high like an eagle (for example). (4)

(Supplementary puzzle for English Grammar Crosswords


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