Animal Vocabulary – Crossword

Blank Puzzle - Vocabulary 2 - Animals

1. Monkey that is our closest living relative (10).
5. Snake with hood (5).
7. Colloquial word for insect (3).
8. A gorilla is a great one (3).
11. Bird traditionally associated with daybreak (4).
12. Yogi is perhaps the most famous one (4).
13. Slow-moving South American mammal (5).

1. Young male chicken whose crowing may wake you (8).
2. Bird best known for displaying its colourful tail (7).
3. Black and white striped member of the horse family (5).
4. Predatory bird used by many countries as a national symbol (5).
6. Semi-aquatic rodent that builds dams (6).
9. Tropical bird capable of imitating human speech (6) .
10. Semi-aquatic marine mammal that uses its flippers to swim (4)

Supplementary puzzle for English Grammar Crosswords


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