Vocabulary Crossword – “Get”

Screenshot GET

1. You’d probably be disappointed if you didn’t get any for your birthday. (8)
5. If you don’t get enough, you will never become an expert. (8)
7. You get in through it. (8)
9. Boxers often get punched on it. (4)
10. You should get it from your employer every week or every month. (6)
13. We get it from cows and goats. (4)
14. How a motorist gets around. (6)
15. Time of year when it gets cold. (6)
16. You will need to get some if you can’t do a job alone. (4)

1. You might get down on your knees to say them. (7)
2. Most people get their groceries here. (11)
3. On your marks, get ___ , go! (3)
4. Ben-Hur, Titanic and The Lord of the Rings all got eleven. (6)
6. How people get if you keep bothering them. (7)
8. Language nearly everyone needs to get by in these days. (7)
11. A good one might get you out of trouble with the police. (5)
12. Message you might send a sick friend: “Get ____ soon!”. (4)

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